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Delivering the Fukushima Seaside Story to You

Amidst towering mountains, meandering rivers, dense forests and sublime oceans, lies Fukushima. Centuries have nurtured its deep history and diverse culture, making it the gateway to Japan’s Tohoku region since time immemorial.

The vastness of this land which makes it the third largest prefecture in Japan, has given birth to the diverse culture that rears amongst its mountainous, inland and coastal areas. Allow us to take your hand as we tell you enchanting stories from the coast of Fukushima – the ‘Hamadori’ or as we lovingly call it ‘Fukushima Seaside’.

We hope these stories will warm your heart and inspire you to visit here. This is who we are and this is the story that we wish to share. We are waiting for you.


The stories we present are created by the connections between people and events in the community.
Each of the activities that form a story is a complete story in itself.