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Futaba Town Story Online Tour 2nd Announcement

“Futaba Town Story Online Tour 2nd – a town hosting Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, First Steps to Regeneration” will be held on October 31st!


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Futaba Town, located in Fukushima Prefecture is a host of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station and all inhabitants had to be evacuated due to the nuclear accident disaster in 2011.
And even today, 10 years after the disaster, no one lives in Futaba Town.
Because of the evacuation order for the entire town, Futaba townspeople, who were some 7,000 at the time, are still leaving their hometowns and living scattered all over the country.
With the lifting of the mandatory evacuation order in a northern part of the town on March 4th in 2020, people have been allowed to enter there, including the place around JR Futaba Station on the Joban Line, and evacuated residents are expected to return to the town in the spring of 2022.
F-ATRAs, a local tourism organization based in Futaba, started operating the “Futaba Town Story Walking Tour” in October 2020, a guided tour that familiarizes you with the history and future prospects of this town, with a focus on efforts that can be made towards regional revitalization.
However, in the midst of the situation we find ourselves in today due to the spread of Coronavirus, it is difficult to conduct this tour in-person as we had initially designed it to be.
In order to keep up with the times and ensure that they continue to tell the tale of Futaba regardless of the obstacles we are faced with, they will present to you an online version of this tour.
We, Japan Wonder Travel together with F-ATRAs hope that we will have an opportunity to meet our participants in Futaba someday.
For now, though, we look forward to meeting you virtually!

Tour details

【Date & Time】
・October 31st, 2021 9am Japan Standard Time
・1 hour
・Free of charge
・Answer to the questionnaire after joining the tour
【Deadline for Sign-up】
・October 27th, 2021 4pm JST

How to join

  • Please fill out the google form below and you will receive an invitation (URL and ID for connecting Zoom) by email 2 days prior to the tour.
  • Please install the Zoom app beforehand.
  • On the day of the tour you can enter the “waiting room” on Zoom from 8:50  JST.



This online tour is operated by Japan Wonder Travel in cooperation with F-ATRAs.

F-ATRAs was established in November 2019 as an organization aiming to revitalize Futaba and nearby towns through tourism. They are working to increase the number of visitors to the area while creating cooperation with tourism-related businesses in the coastal area of Fukushima Prefecture.
As one of these projects, they started the “Futaba Town Story Walking Tour” in October 2020, where you can experience the story of the town while walking around in the town, where restrictions have been partially lifted and access is possible.