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Breathing new life into the town

As a result of the nuclear disaster in March 2011, access to Futaba and surrounding areas was restricted with no information about the Joban Rail Line reopening.

However on March 04, 2020, evacuation orders were partially lifted for the first time in Futaba town. As a result, the Joban line was reopened completely on March 14 and it became possible to get on and off at Futaba station.

With the opening of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster Heritage Museum by the Futaba coast, many people started using this station.


In 1898, Futaba station was established as Nagatsuka station. The station was renamed to Futaba in 1959 following a merger and renaming of town. Before the earthquake struck, it was used by businesspeople and students.

The original station building was adorned with a Karakuri clock which forms an important memory in the minds of the townspeople. In addition, the community center adjacent to the station was used in various ways such as town residents’ theatre troupe plays and was loved and cherished by all.

The area in front of the station was lined with restaurants such as Taiko Shokudo, Kitchen Takasaki and Penguin, a fast food restaurant popular amongst local high school students.

Today the old station building has been reborn as a community space and is being used to provide information to visitors along with it being a resting place. Though the restaurants no longer exist as they have been demolished however, you will be greeted with a mural art featuring the owner of Penguin fast food store.

A free shuttle bus runs according to train schedule and connects Futaba station to the Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Disaster Heritage Museum. Shared bicycles are also available to visitors who can use it to visit the museum.

Information around Futaba Station

Futaba station timetable

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Free shuttle bus timetable

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