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Penguins continue to bring smiles to children’s faces

On October 01, 2020, when the fast food restaurant ‘Penguin’ reopened in the food court of the Futaba Town Industrial Exchange Center, it was extremely nostalgic for the residents of the Futaba town.

Established in 1982, it was originally located in front of Futaba station and was loved by local high school students.


When the restaurant first opened, it served cold food such as drinks and ice-cream which prompted them to think, “Why not name it after an animal from cold region?”. This is how ‘Penguin’ was born.

The store remained crowded with local high school students and transformed into a place for them to relax with smiles on their faces. The menu itself was designed based on the opinions of these students who visited the store. The special pork cutlet sandwich is still sold at the reopened store and is a hearty dish! Add to it the seasonal menu called ‘Whimsical menu’ which offers different tastes each time. That is an unique way to enjoy at ‘Penguin’. Why don’t you visit and experience it on your own?

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